Sherri Ann Hanley

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[text_DD]Sherri Ann started skating at the age of 3. She did all of her skating with the Langham Figure Skating Club with the exception of a fall school in Martensville and summer school in Saskatoon. Sherri Ann achieved her coaching status while in skating with LFSC and started coaching shortly after. Her coaching career has taken her to clubs such as Langham, Rosthern, Borden, Perdue, Laird, Radisson, Vanscoy, Asquith, Delisle, Hepburn, and now Martensville. In 2010, Sherri Ann decided to retire from coaching and be a parent on the side lines, but after that skating season it was evident that back coaching was a better place to be.


  • 20 years coaching experience, plus 6 years as a CanSkate Coach
  • NCCP Level 2 Certified
  • Completed Making Ethical Decisions (2010)
  • Completed CanSkate Coach Online Training Module (2012)
  • Continuous Education Program (CEP) Status – Silver
  • Skate Canada test completed:
    • Sr. Silver Dance
    • Jr. Bronze Free Skate
    • 4th Figure
    • Sr. Silver Skills accredited