New Recycling Fundraiser

Got a few extra empties lying around? Now you can make a donation to Skate Martensville at SARCAN Martensville’s Drop & Go!

How do I donate my containers?

  1. Visit the Martensville SARCAN depot and log into Skate Martensville’s account using our group phrase, Skate Martensville.
  2. Simply print off tags for the number of bags and/or boxes you would like to donate.
  3. Put one label on each bag/box and leave your order in the designated Drop & Go area at the depot.
  4. Your containers will be counted by the SARCAN staff and your deposit refunds will be donated to Skate Martensville!

Alternatively, you can also make your donation at the counter by informing the SARCAN staff you would like to donate your refunds to Skate Martensville.